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2018 Street Improvements



PROJECT CONTACTS: If you have any questions or concerns about this project please contact the City of Lake Elmo Engineering staff.


PROJECT UPDATES – November 16, 2018: Updates will be placed on this website when new information becomes available. Please note all Contractor schedule updates are weather dependent.


The Contractor has finished most of their punchlist items, however due to the time of year they are unable to obtain the remaining sod necessary to finish the restoration behind the new curb. Areas that have not yet been sodded will be temporarily restored for the winter and sod will be installed in Spring 2019. There will be a few other punchlist items that will be addressed in the Spring as well.


Other Project Information:

  • A Public Improvement Hearing was held at the December 5, 2017 City Council Meeting and a Resolution was passed ordering the improvements.
  • At the April 3, 2018 City Council approved the Plans and Specifications and ordered an Advertisement for Bids.
  • City Council directed staff at the May 15, 2018 Council meeting to enter into a Contract with Valley Paving, Inc. to complete the project. At this time the Contractor anticipates beginning work after July 4, 2018.
  • A property owner meeting was held on Wednesday, June 20, 2018. The presentation from the meeting can be found below in the Attachments section.
  • The Contractor plans to complete the project in two main phases. The Phasing Map can be found below in the Attachments section.


SCOPE OF IMPROVEMENTS:  In accordance with the city’s annual Street Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) the 2018 Street Improvement project addresses Street Reclaim Improvements for the following areas consisting of approximately 2.0 miles of local streets:

  • Jane Road North, from Lake Jane Trail North to Jamaca Avenue North
  • Jane Court North, from Jane Road North to dead end
  • Jamaca Avenue North, from Jane Road North to Jamaca Avenue North
  • Jerome Avenue North, from 49th Street North to 53rd Street North
  • Jerome Avenue Court North, from Jerome Avenue North to dead end
  • 53rd Street North, from Jamaca Boulevard North to 9480 53rd Street North

In addition to improving the street base and replacing the bituminous surface, the scope of work includes storm sewer or drainage upgrades, and replacement of the existing bituminous curb with new concrete curb and gutter to improve drainage and provide edge control to protect and extend the service life of the new street.


PROJECT FUNDING:  The total estimated project cost is $1,229,000. The improvements would be partially assessed against the benefitting properties consistent with the City’s Special Assessment Policy. Street and drainage improvements are assessed at a rate of 30% of the total project costs for residential properties using a unit method. Residential properties are considered to provide an equal demand on street use and are therefore assessed on a per unit basis. The remaining 70% of the project costs are paid through the City general fund. Each property is assessed one unit unless the property has the ability to be subdivided using the current underlying land use and zoning regulations. The city planning department reviews larger parcels to determine if a parcel can be subdivided and the number of lots that could be obtained. Corner lots are assessed a partial unit according to the assessment policy, typically 50%.



  • There are 74 residential properties consisting of 75.5 assessable units with direct access to the street. There are two properties being assessed 2 units and one property being assessed ½ unit (corner properties with driveway access to both streets).
  • A street and drainage improvement unit assessment is being levied to each benefitting property in the preliminary amount of $5,000.
  • The final assessment hearing will be held upon completion of the project. The final assessment amounts cannot exceed the preliminary assessment amounts but they may be reduced if the final project costs are less than budget. The final assessment amounts are determined after all projects costs are known.
  • The preliminary assessment rolls detailing each property’s proposed assessment amount are included in the Report Appendix.
  • Assessments for street and drainage improvements will be levied over a 15-year period. Assessments will be charged an interest rate of 1% over the bond rate for the project.

For information on your potential future assessment please refer to the Feasibility Report link below or contact the City Engineering staff identified above.