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Permit Applications

Welcome to the building permits page. All of the following informational documents and applications are intended to guide you through the building process within the City of Lake Elmo. If any of the information contained within this sections are unclear, please contact the City of Lake Elmo Building Department for clarification. We are happy to assist you!

Building Permits

Before engaging in the permitting process, be certain that you need to apply for a building permit. The following document should help you determine what types of projects require a building permit:  When are city permits required?

Building Permit Application Forms
Once you have determined that you need a building permit, you can find the following building permit applications here:

Building Permit Application
Demolition Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Mechanical Permit Application
Fence Permit Application
Grading Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application
New Driveway Permit Application
Sign Permit Application
Pool/Spa Permit Application
Manufactured Home Installation Permit

Helpful Resources in submitting a building permit
Depending on the type of project that you are completing, it is important to include all of the required materials in your submission. The following documents are intended to assist you in moving through the building permit review process as efficiently as possible.

New Home Informational Handout
Certificate of Survey Requirements
Site Plan Minimum Requirements
Certificate of Grading Requirements