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Recreational Fires

Recreational fires, defined as contained to a 3’x3′ area, do not require a permit and are allowed when the following provisions are followed.  Fires larger than 3’x3′ require a fire permit.

  1. The fire is contained to a 3X3 foot area; this can be an in-ground, on ground or in a free standing pre-manufactured fireplace.
  2. Fire must be for recreational purposes only, not for land clearing or yard clean-up.
  3. Ground must be clear of all vegetation down to mineral soil 5 feet out around entire perimeter of fire ring.
  4. Only clean burning wood or vegetative fuels can be used.  No burning of trash, leaves or anything that would create a black smoke (treated lumber, tar paper, etc.)
  5. The fire should be at least 25 feet from any structure or combustible material.  The smoke should not be a nuisance to the neighbors.
  6. Fire extinguishing equipment (extinguisher, garden hose, shovel, sand) is readily available.
  7. All fires must be attended by an adult until it is cold out.
  8. The fire must be completely extinguished before leaving the scene.
  9. Remember to review your homeowner’s insurance policy as many restrict the location and use of fire pits.
  10. There is no time requirement – recreational fires can be done at any time unless there is a burning ban in place.
  11. No burning permit is required for recreational fires.
  12. Be sure to check local ordinances, some cities do not allow burning of recreational fires or leaves except during specific times of the year.
  13. Keep in mind – if you burn something with toxins, those toxins are released into the air, water and soil.  Keep our resources safe for future generations.

Recreational Fires ARE allowed when Burning Restrictions are in place.
Recreational Fires ARE NOT allowed when a Burning Ban is in place.
Current conditions can be found on the MN DNR website.
When starting or tending a fire, regardless of the size, consider the conditions.  Is it too windy to burn? Is it too dry to burn? Fires must be attended at all times and extinguished at the end of the day.  Smoldering fires are illegal (statute 88.171 (10)).  Leaf pile fires are not recreational fires.  Visit the  Minnesota Revisor of State Statutes for more information related to fire related statutes.

Feel free to call Fire Station #1 – 651-770-5006 with any questions