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Development Standards for Eagle Point Business Park

300.12 subd. (1)(B) and  300.12(2).  No Business Park structure shall exceed 60’ in height.  Parapet walls shall not exceed more than 4’ above the height permitted of the building.

300.13 subd (6)(A)(3)  Parking spaces shall be 9’ X 18’ at the developments north of Hudson Blvd and 10’ X 20’ South of Hudson Blvd, with the exception of the hotel and restaurant which needs to be 9’ X 18’ spacing. Parking spaces for the handicapped shall be minimum of 12’ X 20’.  20% of the spaces in an office development can be compact car size 8’ X 16”.  The size of parking space may be altered upon approval of Zoning Administrator.

300.13 subd. (6)(B)(6)(D)  The primary landscaping materials shall be shade trees with shrubs, hedges, etc., used only to complement trees, not as the sole means of landscaping.  Landscaping and irrigation will be done on a project by project basis.  If landscaping within the NSP easement is disturbed, it needs to be replaced by NSP, or the property owner.  Berming and landscaping must be approved within one year of City Council approval.

Permitted Uses: Banks, medical clinics, offices, schools (business, professional and private trade), office showrooms.

Conditional Uses: Business services, conference centers, health clubs, hotels and motels, day care centers, limited retail, medical, dental and research labs, recording studios, restaurants and cafeterias, theaters, teleconferencing transmission facilities, veterinary clinics, and hotel.

Minimum Lot Area: 2.0 acres.  Lots less than 2.0 acres might be approved on a project by project basis through a conditional use permit.

Minimum Lot Frontage: 200’ with the exception of 50’ pm a cul-de-sac.

Lot Width/Depth Ratio: 1/3.5

Minimum Building Setbacks: 50’ for the front and street frontage, and 10’ for side and rear frontage.  When abutting residential uses, the current ordinance requirement will apply.

Minimum Parking Setbacks: Front: 20’, Side: 10’, Side(street): 20’, Rear: 10’

Minimum Building Foundation Size: 10,000 s.f.

Parking Ratio: One space for each 250 s.f. of office building area or one space per two employees, whichever is greater.  One space per 2,000 s.f of storage, warehouse and 1 space per 1,000 s.f. of showroom.

Pathways: 8’ wide pathways as part of the City’s trail system and the City will maintain.

Storm Water Control: Storm water management requirements should be averaged over the PUD area as a whole.  The tributary setback will be 30’ from the tributary setback, and the parking setback will be 10’ from the tributary setback.

Lighting Height: 30’ maximum

Sign Height: Businesses can have signage on the building and a monument sign at the property’s entrance, and that a pylon sign must be approved on a case by case basis by the City.

Pond Maintenance: Recommend the creation of a District to take care of pond maintenance.