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Municipal Code

The City Code is the document that outlines how property can be used within the City of Lake Elmo.  These documents can be complex and may require that several sections be consulted to obtain all relevant regulations on a given topic.  Additionally, recently adopted ordinances may not yet be reflected in this on-line version of code.  Prior to commencing any project, we encourage you to contact the planning department at 651-747-3911 to ensure you have an accurate and complete understanding of all city code requirements.  Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material published online, the only official edition of the City Code is the printed version maintained by the City Clerk.

The City Code is available by clicking here.
Please contact the Planning Staff for the current Zoning Code at 651-747-3911 or 651-747-3912.

Recent revisions to the city code are found as pdf attachments below.  When the city code is updated in the link above, these sections will be integrated and removed from this location.

Ordinance 08-104 – Accessory Structure Ordinance Amendment
Ordinance 08-105 – Repealing Outdated Provisions Related to Site and Building Plan Review
Ordinance 08-106 – Amending the Official Zoning Map
Ordinance 08-107 – Commercial Wedding Venues
Ordinance 08-109 – Amending City’s Driveway Standards
Ordinance 08-110 – Adding a Definition for Net DensityOrdinance 08-111 – Adopting New Shoreland Provisions
Ordinance 08-111 – Adopting New Shoreland Provisions into the Zoning Code
Ordinance 08-112 – Revising the Requirements for Attached Garages in Urban Residential Zoning Districts
Ordinance 08-113  – Amending the Official Zoning Map
Ordinance 08-114 – Amending Municipal Fees
Ordinance 08-115  – Setting Fee Schedule for 2015
Ordinance 08-116 – Amending Uses in Commercial Zoning Districts by Making Liquor Stores a Permitted Use within CC Zoning District
Ordinance 08-117 Zoning Map Amendment
Ordinance 08-118 Boulder Ponds Zoning Map Amendment
Ordinance 08-120 Adopting a Revised Official Zoning District Map Related to the Inwood Planned Development
Ordinance 08-123 Declaring a Development Moratorium for a Period of 12 Months in Stage One, Two and Three Areas
Ordinance 08-124 Subdivision Identification Signs