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Vision Statement & Goals

Council Prepares for the Future By Adopting Guiding Principles

The Lake Elmo City Council and Management Staff are preparing for future growth through strategic planning. As part of the process, the Council has adopted three key sets of core principles dedicated to serving the residents of Lake Elmo.

1.Commitment to the Community”, or mission statement:  “To provide quality public services in a fiscally responsible manner while preserving the city’s open space character.”

2. Vision for the Future”, or vision statement:  “The City of Lake Elmo commits to building on its heritage, while enhancing a high quality of life for all of its citizens. We pledge to work in collaboration with our residents and business community to foster pride, develop a vibrant, diverse economy, thoughtfully plan for the future, and to preserve and enhance our natural, open space environment.”

3.  Eight guiding “WE BELIEVE” values that will direct its service, both internally and externally to the community:  Lake Elmo’s Core Values of Service are:

  • Ethics and Integrity  We believe that ethics and integrity are the foundation of public trust and confidence and that all meaningful relationships are built on these values.
  • Visionary Leadership and Planning  We believe that the very essence of leadership is to be visionary and innovative while planning for the future.
  • Excellence and Quality in the Delivery of Services   We believe that service to our residents is our reason for being and commit to delivering services in a professional, cost-effective, and efficient manner;
  • Fiscal Responsibility  We believe that fiscal responsibility and prudent stewardship of public funds, both short term and long term, are essential for citizen confidence in government.
  • Open and Honest Communication  We believe that open and honest communication is paramount for an involved citizenry and fosters a positive working environment for employees.
  • Respect for the Individual  We believe that citizens we serve are to be treated with the utmost respect and deserve the best treatment the city can provide.
  • Thoughtful Community Building  We believe in the development of our community through thoughtful, careful planning that is communicated in a positive manner that enhances the process.
  • Professionalism   We believe that continuous improvement and innovation is the mark of a professional organization, and we are committed to applying this principle to the services we offer and the development of employees.