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Comprehensive Plan

The Met Council requires that the City of Lake Elmo complete a Comprehensive Plan every 10 years, detailing the policies, goals, and calculations of land use needs for the city based upon growth projections for population, households and employment.  In addition, the Comprehensive Plan identifies the general areas in the community where commercial, residential, and open space land uses will be allowed.  Related to these land uses, the City provides plans, objectives, and policies indicating how the growth areas will be served by City services, such as roads, sewer, water utilities, and parks and open spaces.  The Lake Elmo Comprehensive Plan is provided below by chapter.

Chapter 1 – Table of Contents
Chapter 2 – City Wide Planning Policy
Chapter 3 – Land Use Plan
Chapter 4 – Housing Element
Chapter 5 – Water Resources
Chapter 6 – Wastewater Facilities
Chapter 7 – Water_Supply
Chapter 8 – Transportation Plan
Chapter 9 – Park Plan
Chapter 10 – Trail Guide Plan
Chapter 11 – Resource Protection
Chapter 12 – Implementation Plan
Appendix 1 Letter to Met Council 12-17-09
Appendix 2 – Memorandum of Understanding
Appendix 3 – Septic System Monitoring
Appendix 4 – Waste Water Treatment System Code

Please contact the Planning Department with questions regarding the Comprehensive Plan:  Lake Elmo Planning Department can be reached by phone at 651.747.3911.

Comprehensive Plan 2040
The City is in the process of updating the 2040 Comprehensive Plan which will be required to be adopted by the City by the end of 2018.  Updates on the progress of this project can be found on the City of Lake Elmo’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan update project website by clicking this link.   2040 Comprehensive Plan Project update website

Comprehensive Plan 2040 Draft