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Zoning Code


Click the image above to view the City Zoning Code

The City Code is the document that contains the ordinances that govern land use and other activities within the City of Lake Elmo.  These documents can be complex and may require that several sections be consulted to obtain all relevant regulations on a given topic.  In addition, recently adopted ordinances may not yet be reflected in this on-line version of the City Code.  Prior to commencing any project, we encourage you to contact the City of Lake Elmo’s Planning Department at 651-747-3912 to ensure that you have an accurate and complete understanding of all the requirements contained within the City Code.

Click here to view the City Code

Click here to view the City Zoning Code

Recent Additions to the City Code
Recent additions to the City Code that may not yet be updated on the online versions include the following:

Sewered Zoning Districts and Associated Use Classifications
The attached pdf contains information regarding the standards of the sewered residential and commercial zoning districts in Lake Elmo.  In addition, all of the associated use classifications are defined in Article 2 of the same pdf.  These items should be incorporated into the online version of the City Code soon.  Thanks for your patience. If there are any questions, please contact the Planning Department.