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Public Works & Engineering

Construction Projects and Road Closures
Right-of-Way Permitting
Capital Improvement Program
Surface Water Management
Streets and Trails
Water and Sewer Utility
Wellhead Protection 
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The PUBLIC WORKS and ENGINEERING DEPARMENTS oversee the infrastructure planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance of the City’s streets, drinking water, sanitary sewer, and storm water systems. Public Works staff is also responsible for maintaining the parks, sidewalks, trails, and all City buildings and vehicles.

These Departments oversee:

STREETS: 137 Lane Miles with 77 Cul-de Sacs, 17 Dead Ends, and 7 Parking Lots

WATER SUPPLY: 37.4 Miles of Supply Pipe, 280 Hydrants, 2 Well Houses (checked daily), 2 Elevated Storage Tanks, all serving 982 Customers

SANITARY SEWER – WASTEWATER SYSTEMS: 3 Miles of Sanitary Sewer Pipe, 3 Lift Stations (checked daily), 10 Community Treatment Sites

STORM SEWER: 25 Miles of Pipe, 762 Catch Basins, 92 Manholes, 1145 Storm Sewer Ends, 126 MS4 Permitted Outfalls, 69 Storm Water Ponds, 5 Rain Garden Sites

PARKS: 17 Total Parks, 9 Ball Fields (2 lighted), 3 Tennis Court Systems, 3 Natural Wildlife Areas, 40 Acres Mowed Weekly

FACILITIES: City Hall, 2 Fire Stations, Public Works Building




You can reach Public Works at (651) 747-3940 on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  to report a utility or maintenance concern or to submit a non-emergency maintenance request.

For after-hours emergencies (watermain break, sink hole, etc.) please contact the Washington County Dispatch Center at (651) 439-9381 (or call 911) and a dispatcher will alert the proper staff.

Public Works Director: Rob Weldon, 651-747-3941,  rweldon@lakeelmo.org
Public Works Lead Worker:  Jamie Colemer, 651-474-3945,  jcolemer@lakeelmo.org
Public Works/ Water:  Jim Sachs, 651.747.3942,  jsachs@lakeelmo.org


Jack Griffin, City Engineer: 651.300.4264,  jack.griffin@focusengineeringinc.com
Chad Isakson, Assistant City Engineer: 651.300.4283,  chad.isakson@focusengineeringinc.com


Public Works Department Information:

The Public Works department is staffed by one full time superintendent and four full time maintenance operators. This staff has a total of 65 years of public works experience in the City of Lake Elmo. In addition, two part time seasonal employees are utilized primarily for park maintenance, but can also be called on to assist with all other aspects of the operations.  Scheduling of the Public Works related work load and associated tasks is subject to an ongoing evaluation of priorities. These priorities are based on the public’s safety, current condition, aesthetics, season, weather conditions, and input from the taxpayers of the City of Lake Elmo. The Public Works Department depends on residents to inform the staff of any hazardous or ongoing concerns within the City, and uses these reports for establishing priorities. Residents are reminded that City Hall and the Public Works facility are NOT staffed outside of regular business hours.