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Capital Improvement Program

The City of Lake Elmo has implemented a Capital Improvement Program which provides long-term planning and management of infrastructure throughout the city. The Capital Improvement Program consists of a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that presents a 5-year overview of scheduled capital projects to address the city’s goals for maintaining public infrastructure in four functional areas: transportation/street improvements, municipal water service, municipal sewer service, and surface water management.  The program goals and strategic objectives are defined in the 2030 System Planning Documents for each functional area.

What is Capital Improvement?

A capital improvement is defined as a major non-recurring expenditure related to the city’s infrastructure. The 2014-2018 CIP makes a concerted effort to distinguish between major maintenance projects contained in the city’s operating budgets and capital improvement projects financed through the city’s capital funds and proprietary funds. Typical expenditures include the cost to construct roads, utilities, or municipal structures.


As part of the annual budget process, the city reviews and approves a five-year Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The 5-year horizon of the CIP provides the city with an opportunity to evaluate project priorities annually and to adjust the timing, scope, and cost of projects as new information becomes available. The information contained in this plan represents an estimate of improvement costs based on present knowledge and expected conditions. Changes in community priorities, infrastructure condition, and inflation rates require that adjustments be made on a routine basis.

2017-2021 Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan


This plan provides the blue print for how the city will extend municipal sanitary sewer service to the planned growth areas in the I94 Corridor and Village areas. Private wastewater treatment systems, both individual and community, will continue to serve the remaining parts of the city through 2030.

2030 Sanitary Sewer-Wastewater Facilities Plan


Providing a safe and reliable drinking water supply to meet the city’s current and future populations will be a challenge. The 2030 Water System Plan provides a strategic and comprehensive approach for the extension of this utility. The Plan allows for flexibility in the system to allow the city to be responsive to extend municipal water service as may be needed.

2030 Water System Plan


The Transportation Plan serves as guide for the development and improvement of the Lake Elmo transportation network consistent with the city‘s primary goals including safety, multimodal interaction and preserving the rural character. The plan identifies transportation issues which face the city together with the establishment of goals and objectives to begin the process of addressing them.

2030 Transportation Plan


The Surface Water Management Plan has been developed to guide the protection and management of surface waters, ground water, and related natural resources in the City of Lake Elmo. The Plan was prepared as part of the city’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan to meet the requirements of the Metropolitan Surface Water Management Act and local watershed districts.

2030 Surface Water Management Plan