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Illicit Detection and Discharge Elimination

An illicit discharge is the dumping of any potentially hazardous liquid or solid material into a storm sewer or drainage ditch. While most illicit discharges don’t make the evening news, they are a serious threat to our local water quality. The list of illicit discharges is lengthy – swimming pools full of chlorinated water emptied into storm sewers, restaurant grease traps rinsed out in back parking lots, leaky septic tanks and spilled fertilizer – just to name a few. The main thing to remember is that anything you would not want in our lakes, streams, and rivers, does not belong in the storm water collection system. Suspicious discharges include any discolored or soapy water, oil, or mysterious looking liquids. Residents are strongly encouraged to immediately report any suspicious discharges in roadside ditches or storm sewer outlets by calling City Hall at 651.747.3900 during regular business hours, or Washington County Dispatch at 651.439.9381 outside of regular business hours. Thank you for helping to keep our waters clean.]

Click here to view the City’s ordinance pertaining to Illicit Discharge.