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I-94 Corridor

Lake Elmo’s I-94 Corridor: Gateway to the Twin Cities

The City of Lake Elmo is home to Interstate Highway 94 – the main East – West thoroughfare of the Minneapolis – St. Paul Metroplex.  Hosting over 90,000 cars per day, this four-lane divided highway serves as the southern boundary of the community. Interstate 94 serves Lake Elmo with three distinct interchanges (County Road 15, County Road 19, and County Road 13) and access to over 3.5 miles of prime commercial frontage.

Guided as the last legitimate “in-fill” development area in the eastern suburbs, Lake Elmo has prepared the I-94 corridor with appropriate zoning districts, reasonable design standards and sewer and water utilities. In addition, the corridor is served by two high-speed fiber optic lines and clear vision cell tower coverage for your data and communication needs.

For more information on how your business can take advantage of efficient transportation, phenomenal visibility, and a ready workforce contact City Administrator Kristina Handt at 651-747-3905 or Planning Director Emily Becker at 651-747-3912. 

Click here to view the I-94 Land Use PlanClick here to view I-94 Corridor Zoning.

Click here to view the I-94 Land Use Plan 

Current Development Projects

Savona Residential Development