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Old Village Business District

Since early settlers arrived in 1848, building a hotel and tavern, which served as a stagecoach stop connecting Stillwater and St. Paul, the old village of Lake Elmo has served as a catalyst for business in the St. Croix Valley. The area is served by State Highway 5 – a major thoroughfare between Stillwater and St. Paul averaging over 24,000 cars per day.

Home to the famous Lake Elmo Inn – one of the Twin Cities top restaurants, the Old Village makeover began in 2013, and is scheduled to continue through 2018. Centered on a classic “Village Green” approach, this mixed-use, lifestyle center will become home to boutique retail, restaurants, coffee shops, convenience shopping, and other amenities meant to make your everyday life easier.

The “Old Village” will also be home to a mixed- density residential development built around the use of greenways, watercourses and walking paths to allow residents a leisurely, serene stroll to the store. Sewer service has started to be extended to the area in 2013.

Interested in becoming part of a new approach to an old proven method of community? Call City Administrator Kristina Handt at 651-747-3905.

Click here to view the Village Land Use Plan

Click here to view the Village Land Use Plan