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Wellhead Protection

The goal for the City of Lake Elmo is to provide safe and high quality drinking water to the residents.  This is accomplished by developing and implementing a wellhead protection program. This program is accomplished in two ways. First is the implementation of testing.   The utility department collects samples daily to check Chlorine and fluoride levels at multiple spots in the city as well as bacterial samples monthly.   The Minnesota Department of Health also does regular testing at the wells and other locations as needed.   The second is by education and being an information center.  The city puts tips in the quarterly news letter on how to protect and conserve groundwater, not only for public water supplies but also private water supplies. We also have links on this site to the Minnesota Rural Water and Minnesota Department of Health website, where you can find other information and links to questions you may have.

http://www.mrwa.com/  = Minnesota Rural Water Association

http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/water/   = Minnesota Department of Health